Friday, February 17, 2012

Stolen Patterns

Hello Everyone from Rainy Indiana

I regret that family emergencies have taken "forever" it seems to work themselves out.  And just when I think it's safe to take my focus away from family and back to my passion, which of course is creating my patterns, then another emergency arises. 

I do so want to thank all of you who have been loyal followers of Lillie Mae's Crafts.  So many of you have written to express your gratitude for the free patterns....which definitely puts a smile on my face.  It is all of you that make it all worthwhile.

And it is those same loyal readers who were kind enough to alert me to the 2 stores on E-Bay who were selling my patterns.  As far as I'm concerned this is the same as stealing.  I have taken the steps I deem necessary and hopefully this will be resolved shortly.  Those 2 stores had other patterns for sale which unfortunately I have to assume are probably stolen from another designer.  For those of you reading this, if any of you are pattern designers yourself, I would be on the lookout for your patterns being sold on E-Bay also.

Regrettably I have to assume that there are probably more stores on E-Bay that have my stolen patterns for sale.  I am seriously considering taking my store down.  I love designing patterns though and actually have a few new patterns that I still haven't listed.  I have considered creating a store where a "membership" is required before anyone is allowed to download any patterns.  This at least would give me names of anyone downloading my patterns and perhaps a little more protection in that area.  I'm not even sure how that is done.

What I do know is that I'm so very disappointed...and very hurt.  

If anyone else has any suggestions on how to protect my patterns, please drop me a note.  And...if anyone else sees my patterns for sale somewhere else....please let me know.

NOTE:  If I do find anyone else selling my patterns on E-Bay, I will not give them the chance of taking them down before I take other measures as I have before.  I'm really tired of trying to be the "nice guy."  They certainly know that these are NOT their patterns...they know it's stealing.  The next person I find that has stolen my patterns and listed them for sale on E-Bay...I'll email or call E-Bay right away to let them know that this particular person has stolen merchandise for sale.