Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hi There Everyone From a beautifully sunny, but also very humid, Indiana. 

I have a few issues I would really love to discuss with everyone and I WOULD ask that those who can please respond to these messages.  I really value and actually need everyone’s input please.  As my website and blog along with all of the free patterns, tutorials, etc., are aimed at pleasing all of you; that makes your opinion twice as important to me.

First I want to sincerely thank everyone who wrote me a note or signed my guest book thanking me for the free patterns.  You all have been so incredibly sweet…..and I will never forget nor will I ever take for granted that which you all have given me.

I also once again have to specify that my patterns are all copyrighted.  You may “sew” or “complete” the pattern to sell at craft shows, etc., but you may NOT sell the patterns.  The patterns are copyrighted and not yours to sell.  Not to mention that I am giving them away for free.  I, unfortunately, found another person on eBay who is selling my patterns.
So I would love it if anyone who has the time could go to my website, download one of my patterns, if you have not already done so, and please tell me if my copyright is obvious to you.  If not, then this is not their fault and I need to make it more prominent and obvious to those who are downloading my patterns.

Okay….here’s the real reason for this letter.  If you have not already noticed, I have not been actively creating new patterns for a couple of years now.  My sewing machines both went down at the same time.  That along with some other issues prompted my stopping.  I always intended to start back up again but for some reason I just never did.  Since then my attention has been demanded elsewhere and I’ve never had the time needed to jump back into pattern making.  However, I think I would like to start the newsletter up again.  Now the newsletter always had a new pattern in it for all of you, the subscribers, from Lillie Mae’s Crafts.  Since I’m not actively creating new patterns, I thought perhaps you all would like a little free advertising.  All of those who have their own businesses and even those who don’t would be eligible. 

It would, of course, be free.  Anyone who would like to participate would just email me with a description of their website, blog, etc., and a description of the free pattern they have to offer.  I would then get back with them and together we would design their “ad” for the newsletter.  I have a pretty strong and long following for my newsletter.

Those of you who might be interested in such a deal…..let me know ASAP!  Anyone who has any suggestions, questions, etc., please, as usual, don’t hesitate to drop me a note.

Thanks much everyone and have a safe summer.