Sunday, March 8, 2009

Free Prim Prairie Rag Doll - Susannah

A perfect last minute gift, Susannah is quick and requires minimal materials. Standing at just 9-1/2 inches, she is just perfect for shelves or curio cabinets.

I created Susannah several years ago, and she was actually my first "small" prim rag doll. Because she is so small, turning those small arms and legs almost drove me crazy until I discovered "hemostats." These little devices are miracle workers when it comes to turning those small rag doll pieces and comes in just as handy for stuffing them. For your convenience, I have included in this pattern a picture of my hemostats as well as several online shopping sites where you may purchase a pair.

For this pattern, click on the link above in the title or go to the columns on the far right, look for the column titled "Free Lillie Mae's Crafts Patterns," and click on "Susannah."

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