Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I cannot thank you all enough for the kind words about the stolen patterns. It has really meant the world to me as this has been very stressfl for me.

In the next few days I'm going to start removing some of the patterns. If there are any patterns you have not downloaded that you want, please write them down and email me. I'll send the pattern to you privately.

From now on the patterns are not going to stay up indefinitely. I'm going to start rotating them, adding and taking away at times.

Blessings everyone,


  1. Oh :( I've been out of printer ink for a month and can't get anymore for a couple of weeks. I'm so sorry you have to do this.

  2. I think this is a good move. You have been so generous with your creativity. You are a blessing to me. Ronda

  3. This is a good idea for you Brenda, and I am glad you are not letting these people or person spoil your creativity. I also realise its still stressfull. best wishes Julie. x