Saturday, April 30, 2011

June Newsletter

Hi everyone....

My does time seem to be passing faster and faster.
Well the June newsletter is finished and ready. When I think of June I always think of a June bride. Perhaps because I was a June I just had to include a bridal pattern. Included in the newsletter is also a wedding picture of mine as well as a little short story of an event that happened at my wedding. Curious?

I do want to thank everyone who took a minute or two to drop me a note and vote about the doll pattern. I heard you all...and when I took a moment to really look at the Annie Blue Eyes doll I realized that you were all right...none of the patterns I was trying to select one from just simply weren't right for this pattern. So....I created a new pattern which seems to compliment Annie Blue Eyes much better. I hope you all agree.

Click on the picture to download the newsletter.

Have a great day everyone,

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  1. wow your dolls are so cute,Im a beginner sewer would love to be able to sew one of these some day.Im now a follower.