Monday, May 2, 2011

Help me stop puppy mill cruelty


Having spent her entire life up to now in a cage and blind in one eye, Star had never felt the sun on her face, the grass under her feet, or the kindness of humans.

Help me stop puppy mill cruelty. Click on the picture and scroll down towards the bottom of the page; read Star's story.


  1. Heartbreaking that animals are treated so cruely. We have 3 pets of our (a cat) was going to the pound until we decided we wood taker her.Another(a dog) was abused by her owner and he was going to put her down because she wasn't doing her job(sheep hearding)properly.She's even papered! After 4 yrs,she still has "issues" but she's far better than before. The last actually wandered in our yard.After countless hours of searches,no owner has turned up.He's a sweet little Chihuahua and is now a member of our family.

  2. AGREE VERY HEARTBREAKING!:( we rescued our dog lucy last year after loosing both our dogs to a snake bite.The ranger rang us and told us about lucy he the ranger was in desperate need for someone to take her as she was going to be put down that day.i drove the 65km to go pick her up and was told the person who handed her in said she was agressive she was covered in fleas and neglected.we took her in and she is the biggest sook ever she is about 7 or 8 years old with ear problems and missing teeth.but she is the best family dog.