Friday, November 25, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Once again I'm asking for some advice...p-l-e-a-s-e (lol). 

The pictures below are of a lotion that I found and purchased of my all time favorite shopping spots...Goodwill!!!

This is actually a brand of lotion that I have read about, but found to be a little pricey for I was so excited to have found this at Goodwill...paid $1.99 for it.

However, there aren't any instructions given on the bottle and I haven't been able to find this same bottle anywhere yet on the web.

I took a close up of the bottle so you could clearly see the name ... and it says:

Skin Lotion (Rich) does look more like a toner, but I have found this brand to have some "whitening" lotions and other lotions that look the same as this lotion does, but they are in a different type bottle and, of course, do not say "skin lotion (rich)" as this bottle does.
I even thought that perhaps it was perfume (even though the label clearly says it's lotion), and it does have a wonderful scent, however, when applied to the skin, the scent disappears.

If anyone could advise me on this...I would be so grateful as I LOVE this find of mine and would love to be able to use this lotion.  From what I've read about Shiseido, this brand is suppose to work wonders for those fine lines and!!! (lol)


  1. Hi Brenda - wish I could help you out, but I never heard of this lotion. I agree, it looks more like a cologne than a lotion....hope someone comes along who can help you out. I'm all for products that work wonders on those fine lines and wrinkles, lol ;) good luck!

  2. Hello, Brenda

    I'm from Taiwan. "Shisheido" is a famous Japanese brand which is very popular in both Japan and Taiwan.

    Sorry, I did not find the same bottle packing like yours from the local websites. I suppose there could be different bottle packing of skin lotion for different countries. There is a series product of this brand which works well to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and some skin darkness. And it has been so loved by the women in both countries over the years.-- "SK II" series. Perhaps you'd try to inquire your local department stores about it.

    There is a Shiseido store near my neighborhood. I'll let you know if I get more information about your skin lotion.

    Hope my information helps.

  3. You could take it to a store that sells Shiseido brand. They should be able to help you. If it's an older product take a picture and send it to the Shiseido company. They would know what it is and when it was sold. Could be something they don't make anymore. My husband and I used to own a perfume shop but we didn't carry this brand. I use Shiseido makeup.
    Hope you can find out something about it.

  4. Brenda! Where are you-are you okay?? Been missing your post! Hope all is well!!

  5. Hi My name is Erina We have this brand in Australia at Myers Stores. These are available online just type Brand into search bar of Store and it will give you a range. This is a very popular product. Good Luck
    Cheers Erina