Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Asking for Prayers Again...Please!!!

The e-mails I received wishing me well and promising prayers were so kind and so-o-o appreciated. I am feeling better....thank you. The most they've found so far are a few vitamin deficiencies . I do have an EEG scheduled for the 22nd.

I do so believe in the miracle of prayers....so I am once again asking for your prayers. This time for my mother. She lives so far away...she's in Arizona and I'm in Indiana. Now in her 80's, her health has always been very good. Now....they found a spot on one of her kidneys which, even without testing, they are calling cancer. At the time though (a few days ago), they didn't seem to concerned....they were going to remove that portion of that kidney and start her on radiation.

Now....they did a bone scan but avoided giving us the results. Instead they did x-rays of her legs. They're telling us that all the results 0f all the tests should be in on Tuesday and they were discuss everything with us then.

Because of personal issues, I am unable to be with my mother. My sister (Kathy) is there....doing what she can. Please pray for strength for her.

My husband (Bob), who works midnights, came home at 1 a.m. this morning....sick. My husband NEVER takes off work for being sick. And....the last time he was this ill he ended up in the hospital. More prayers for him please.

And...I looked down at my hand about an hour ago and just realized that the main diamond in my wedding ring is gone...is that a bad sign do you think???

Nothing is looking up at the moment and even though I am an optimistic by nature....it's getting harder and harder to hold on to.

****Pause****telephone rings.

Okay...just spoke with my mother and she sounds pretty good. Hopefully she's not overly optimistic and that her "up" mood rightly expresses what really is going on. Hate being so far away. But....we have tried, are trying, and will continue to try to get them to move back to Indiana. So far....no luck.

Thanks everyone...so very much,


  1. My prayers are going out to you, I know how it is, when everything seems to go wrong at once, but it gets better.


  2. God bless you, your mother & your family - be brave!
    You are a wonderfull artist & a realy kind woman.
    My best wishes (and sorry for my not so good english).
    gattarossa Florence, Italy

  3. Dear Brenda,

    I hope your appointment went well on the 22nd I will be praying for you and your mom. I have been a big fan of your dolls for sometime now and I do appreciate your generosity in sharing your talent. I have made several for my family members including the "Pretty in Pink Bunny" for my granddaughter's second birthday. Which by the way she renamed hers "Betty Bunny" and she goes HOP HOP HOP.

    Again thank you and remember you and your mom are in my prayers.